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LPS 1175 & NPSA Security Ratings Explained

Learn more about LPS 1175 and NPSA ratings, available on a range of high security fencing solutions from Lochrin Bain.

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In a world where security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, your choice of perimeter fencing solution demands careful consideration of the standards and certifications that help guarantee the highest level of protection for the site you wish to protect.

Here at Lochrin Bain, we are pioneers in perimeter security, and have developed a range of products that adhere to both LPS 1175 and National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) security ratings, together with Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation. But what exactly do these ratings mean for your perimeter security? This article looks into these standards and explains how Lochrin Bain’s solutions stand at the forefront of security innovation.

LPS 1175 – A Benchmark for Security

LPS 1175 represents a comprehensive framework developed by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), a division of The Building Research Establishment (BRE). The LPS 1175 standard assesses the durability and resistance of security products, including fencing and gate systems, against forced entry. Split into eight different ratings, the standard is testament to a product’s ability to withstand attacks, providing a clear indication of its security level.

Deciphering the Ratings

From A1 (SR1) to G20 (SR8), each LPS 1175 rating details the minimum expected resistance against intrusion attempts, with higher numbers indicating greater security. These ratings are crucial for specifiers, ensuring that the chosen solution aligns with the specific security requirements of the site they are looking to protect.

The LPS 1175 ratings and their levels of resistance includes the following:

  • A1 (SR1) – Low technology levels of attack using small, very easily concealed tools.
  • B3 (SR2) – More determined attacks using easily concealed tools of a greater mechanical advantage.
  • C5 (SR3) – Deliberate forced entry using a wide selection of commonly available, relatively easily concealed tools with a significant mechanical advantage, including those that create noise.

Lochrin Bain’s Compliance to LPS 1175

Here at Lochrin Bain we offer a range of security rated fencing solutions that are rigorously tested to meet various LPS 1175 ratings, ensuring they offer robust protection against a wide range of threats. The following products are a testament to our commitment to providing secure, reliable, and certified perimeter security defences.

A1 (SR1) Fencing Solutions:

  • Lochrin Combi™ SL1 – Our next generation SR1 palisade fencing solution, based on our patented Combi™ design.
  • Lochrin 358™ SL1 – Our first SR1 rated mesh fencing system, designed to balance aesthetics with perimeter security.
  • Lochrin FlatGUARD™ SL1 – Another SR1 rated mesh fencing system with a heavier gauge of wire than standard mesh fencing.

B3 (SR2) Fencing Solutions:

  • Lochrin Combi™ SL2 – Our industry disrupting SR2 rated palisade fencing system, using our unique and patented Combi™ design.
  • Lochrin UltraGUARD™ SL2 – An SR2 rated mesh fencing system with a single skin system for simple installation.

C5 (SR3) Fencing Solutions:

  • Lochrin Defender™ SL3 – Our ultimate high security palisade fencing system with SR3 rating, ideal for protecting sites of critical national importance.
The Lochrin Defender SR3 maximum security fencing system.
Our C5 (SR3) rated Lochrin Defender™ SL3 high security palisade fencing system.

NPSA – Guardians of National Security

The NPSA, formerly known as CPNI, offers unparalleled expertise in protective security across the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). Its guidance is instrumental in shaping the development of security products that safeguard essential sites and services from terrorism, espionage and many other threats.

Collaboration with Lochrin Bain

Lochrin Bain’s early involvement with the NPSA dates back to the early 2000’s and underscores a shared dedication to national security. Their cooperative efforts have led to the development of fencing systems that not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements necessary to protect critical infrastructure.

Lochrin Bain’s Compliance to NPSA Standards

Lochrin Bain’s High Security Combi™ Palisade is part of a range of products that have been extensively tested by various UK Government departments and meet the current criteria for forcible attack under NPSA standards.

The Lochrin Combi NPSA fencing system.
The Lochrin Combi™ NPSA fencing system.

Secured by Design – The Official Police Security Initiative

Secured by Design (SBD) is a police initiative that promotes security standards through architectural and product design. Products that achieve SBD accreditation have proven their effectiveness in deterring and resisting criminal behaviour right across the UK.

Lochrin Bain’s Achievements in SBD Accreditation

The SBD accreditation of Lochrin Bain’s products further solidifies our position as a leader in perimeter security solutions. This recognition is given off the back of our products being tested with third party standards including LSP 1175 and NPSA. It is not just a badge of honour, but a reflection of the ability that our fencing systems have in helping to prevent crime.


Lochrin Bain’s portfolio of fencing solutions, some of which are certified by various LPS 1175 and NPSA ratings, endorsed by SBD, showcases our innovation and dedication to excellence in perimeter security. Our products are designed to meet the evolving security needs of today’s world, offering peace of mind to businesses, governments, and other organisations.

By aligning with these rigorous standards and certifications, we demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest quality perimeter security solutions available in the UK today. Our efforts not only enhance the security of critical assets but also contribute to the broader goal of creating safer communities.

When specifying Lochrin Bain fencing solutions on your projects, you can be assured of partnering with a company that stands at the forefront of innovation, quality, and security. You can find more information on our range of security rated fencing systems here.