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Maximising Security with the Latest Innovations in Utility Fencing

Learn about how Lochrin Bain's innovations in utility fencing are helping to thwart the threats posed by todays criminals.

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In an era where the security of national infrastructure has never been more crucial, Lochrin Bain stands at the forefront of innovation in utility fencing. With a history that dates back over a century, we have transitioned from developing the very first steel palisade fence to leading the industry with cutting-edge solutions that are designed to thwart the sophisticated threats posed by todays criminals and other adversaries.

A Legacy of Innovation

Our journey began over 100 years ago with the patenting of the very first steel palisade fence, a landmark innovation that set the standard for security fencing. The early 20th-century advert shown below showcases one of the country’s first substations secured by Lochrin Palisade and serves as a testament to the company’s longstanding commitment to protecting critical national infrastructure (CNI). This rich heritage is the very foundation upon which Lochrin Bain has built its future.

Adapting to Modern Threats

The landscape of security threats has evolved dramatically over the years, with organised criminals and terrorists employing more advanced tactics and tools. Recognising this, Lochrin Bain has invested heavily in research and development, ensuring our fencing systems stay ahead of these challenges.

Through collaborations with the Home Office and certifications from respected bodies like LPCB, the company today offers a range of fencing solutions tailored to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of today’s utility sector.

Lochrin Combi™ Palisade – A Testament to Innovation in Utility Fencing

At the heart of our product range is the flagship Lochrin Combi™ palisade fence, featuring a patented vee slot and countersunk fixing method. This design not only enhances security but also proves to be the most cost-effective solution for utility sites.

This product’s adaptability to various ground conditions, coupled with ease of handling and installation, has made it a preferred choice across the utility sector and can be found protecting everything from water and gas to nuclear and renewable energy installations right across the UK.

Lochrin Combi fencing protecting a water utility site in the UK.

We offer several versions of the Lochrin Combi, dependant on the level of protection the site requires:

  • Lochrin Combi™ – A Secured by Design product conforming to BS1722 Part 12.
  • Lochrin Combi™ SL1 – This system was the first ‘Secured By Design’ and LPS 1175 Issue 8: A1 (SR1) Security Rated Palisade fence.
  • Lochrin Combi™ SL2 – Our very own industry disrupting SR2 rated fence system is ‘Secured By Design’ and certified to LPS 1175 Issue 8: B3 (SR2)
  • Lochrin Combi™ High Security – For the protection of various CNI Sites with the unique patented design offering an enhanced level of security.

Lochrin Defender™ SL3 – The Ultimate Perimeter Security Solution for Utility Sites

The Lochrin Defender™ SL3 represents a cutting-edge, high-security palisade fencing system. With its patented design, this product has been listed in the RED BOOK, successfully achieving an LPS1175 SR3 rating. Its unique structure is specifically engineered to provide a minimum intrusion delay of five minutes, having been rigorously tested to withstand various methods of attack, encompassing both manual and power tools.

Lochrin Defender™ SL3 protecting utility sites of the UK.

This advanced fencing solution is perfectly suited for safeguarding vital assets located in critical areas such as water and energy utilities, oil and gas facilities, data centres, and other CNI sites.

A Comprehensive Range for Every Need

Our commitment to securing the nation’s utilities extends far beyond the Lochrin Combi™ palisade fencing system. We also offer an extensive selection of woven and welded mesh fencing options, including the LPS1175 rated UltraGUARD SL2 system. This breadth of products ensures that, regardless of the specific security requirements, Lochrin Bain has a solution that provides both protection and peace of mind.

Securing the Future of the Nation’s Utilities

As we delve into the future, the security of our nation’s utilities remains paramount, demanding continuous evolution and the integration of the latest innovations in utility fencing. By investing heavily in research and development, Lochrin Bain will continue to offer cutting-edge perimeter fencing solutions to help protect against the threats of tomorrow.

With our proven track record of securing utility sites across the UK combined with our history of innovation and dedication to quality, our products continue to be a popular and reliable investment. With industry-leading design life guarantees, Lochrin Bain is not just a supplier but a partner in the protection of the nation’s critical infrastructure.