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Case Study

Utility Site Security Upgrade

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Project Summary

Lochrin Bain worked in partnership with the team at Procter Contracts after the contracting division of the family run Procter Brothers, won a number of substation security upgrades. Both companies have a proud history within the UK security fencing industry, with Procter’s having origins dating back to 1740, while Lochrin Bain’s founding father William Bain started his fence manufacturing business just over a century later in 1859. Working together on a small number of jobs over the years, this contract was an exciting opportunity to build lasting partnerships while focusing on a large-scale project, which included a factory visit and assessments by the main contractor, CAD design assistance by our in-house technicians and the manufacturing and supply of several hundred metres of fencing with pedestrian, emergency exit and vehicle gates to match. With the UK’s current investment program in wind farm developments and integrated renewable power infrastructure, significant contracts of this nature are under construction ensuring assets and infrastructure are secure for future generations.

The Challenges

Due to the environmentally sensitive locations of each site and the tight deadlines required by the main contractor, installation could have proven problematic. However, with the experienced management by Procter contracts, one of Gallagher Security’s newest channel partners working closely with Lochrin Bain all fencing material was delivered on time allowing installation to be completed prior to Procter commencing the Powerfenc element of each site.

The Specification

The fence manufactured in full at Lochrin Bain’s production facility near Glasgow included ‘W’ section security profile 3mm Palisade to National Grid TS2.22 guidelines, incorporating Gallagher Security Powerfence to posts, straining posts and gates providing an advanced perimeter security solution founded on two core principles: deterrence and detection.

The Results

Collaboration between Lochrin Bain, Gallagher Security and the contracts team at Procter Contracts prior to manufacturing ensured full integration of the host Palisade fence with monitored Pulse fence. The new security upgrade will ensure that attempts to breach the perimeter are deterred by the physical barrier and energized pulse sent around the fence line. While Lochrin Bain’s Palisade fencing exceeds BS1722 Part 12, the pulse fence also meets stringent safety criteria, while delivering a short but safe shock making it almost impossible to breach or climb the fence.

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