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A truly historical Throwback Thursday

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With the growing trend of ‘Throwback Thursday’ appearing across social media this year, the team at Lochrin Bain, Scotland’s oldest and last remaining Security Fence Manufacturer decided to dig deep into our historic treasure chest.

With an unparalleled 157 year history we have some fantastic documents on display at our Cumbernauld factory. Unfortunately many have been lost over the years during factory moves, acquisitions and ownership changes. However, we have managed to salvage a number of memorable and historic documents which we will share over the coming months.

These are bolstered by very generous members of the public and private sector who get in touch from time to time and share with us a picture, an old quotation, or even a piece of an original Wm Bain fence. From a pale taken from a palisade fence which is over 100 years old, to documents showing a gate design still used in a public park in South America, we have seen our fair share of evidence of the quality and longevity of product that has given our company its great name within the fencing industry.

On Tuesday this week we received a call from a very helpful member of the public who wanted to share a story with us. This story was of his late Grandfather, Robert Wilson Banson who served with the British military during the Great War 1914-1918. Mr Banson served across the world in India, Palestine and also Egypt which is where in 1917 he managed to capture a picture of two local women, happily going about their daily business in front of a fence manufactured by ourselves. Was this snap shot of local life almost 100 years ago the focus of this picture, or did Mr Banson intentionally show a product he noticed that was manufactured back home in the UK, helping to secure facilities halfway across the world. This we will sadly never know, but we thank him for his service to our Nation, his keen eye in photography, and for keeping this small piece of history for so many years. We would also like to thank his grandson Mr Andrew Barnett for contacting us and allowing us to share this wonderful piece of both Lochrin Bain’s and Robert Wilson Banson’s history. A truly historic Throwback Thursday indeed.