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Introducing Lochrin Combi™ SL2 – An SR2 Specification from Lochrin Bain

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Lochrin Bain are excited to announce the launch of our second of several new products scheduled for release in 2020, our latest Combi™ SL2 Palisade design has successfully achieved Security Rating B3 (SR2) to LPS 1175 Issue: 8, further bolstering our security rated portfolio, and allowing us the coveted title of the first, and only Fencing Manufacturer with security rated systems available in Palisade, Welded Mesh and Woven Mesh.

With various specifications of this fence designed over the years ranging from the UK’s first ever CPNI rated Palisade system, developed in conjunction with the Home Office, through to the company’s first LPS 1175 SR3 design in 2016, this new Patented Palisade system was developed to disrupt the SR2 market, offering the same attack delay times with a product that is not only cost effective, but that requires no specialist tooling or training, developed with simplicity in mind for the installers and security and aesthetics for the client.

Palisade has always held different advantages to welded mesh panel systems including its capability to rake easily over uneven grounds, while offering greater tolerances during installation. Traditional designs gained bad press over the years with recent attack tests proving that a generic front fix pales on Palisade allow the fence to be breached in under 12 seconds using basic hand tools. Using this new Combi™ SL2 Design Architects, Security Consultants and Contractors can now safely specify a product that offers clients a formidable fence line at a competitive price.

The system is ‘Secured By Design’ and conforms to BS1722 Part 12 : 2016 carrying full certification to LPS 1175 Security Rating B3 Issue:8 as featured in the BRE Red Book. LPS 1175 is the requirements and testing procedures for LPCB approval. ‘LPS’ stands for ‘Loss Prevention Standard’ and LPS 1175 is one of many standards by the LPCB ‘Loss Prevention Certificate Board. The LPS 1175 standard focuses on physical security including security fencing, with ratings split into different security ratings, with test requirements of ascending intensity. These are measured in terms of attack tools and also time available to the attacker. Once tested and approved, security rated products are entered into the LPCB redbook, which is a key reference for specifiers, regulators, designers and end users to select products according to the risks that they and their property face.

To ensure a complete security solution both Pedestrian and Vehicle access gates have been designed to complement the system gaining the required security rating,  while the fence can be integrated with security solutions such as PIDS and security toppings for added security.

Each system is supplied Galvanized as standard with a choice of Polyester Powder Coated colours available and Lochrin Bains standard 25 year design life warranty when installed by approved contractors.