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It’s official, we are Lochrin Bain

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The Management team are delighted to announce that our company name will be changing from William Bain Fencing Limited to Lochrin Bain Limited. Established in 1859, by founder, William Bain at the iconic Lochrin works in Edinburgh, William Bain Fencing Ltd has a rich history throughout which two names, Lochrin and Bain have remained constant. Under these iconic names we have launched our patented palisade products that have helped our business grow and succeed. The Lochrin Bain brand has become synonymous with our business, so much so it is the name many people refer to us by.

Now into our 8th year of ownership under the H W Martin Group of Companies our team are working hard to develop and grow our product portfolio. With this new range of products and the launch of our next generation Defender™SR3 Palisade we feel that the timing is right to fully take advantage of the name that ensures a high degree of recognition among all our business contacts. Lochrin Bain stands for quality, trust, and integrity, something which will not change.