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Palisade V Lochrin Palisade September 2016

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No one is prouder to talk about the UK security fencing industry and the benefits of a secure fence line than the team at Lochrin Bain… It’s in our DNA! As well as inventing, and manufacturing the first steel palisade fences over 100 years ago, our company continues to develop our systems, improving on original concepts, and designs.

From the patented Classic™ ‘rivetless’ palisade fence designed in the early 90s, our team have more recently worked in conjunction with the Home Office, developing a range of both Mesh and Palisade fencing systems that meet the demands of 21st century security threats. Extensive investment has gone into the Combi™ Palisade fence which now helps to protects critical national infrastructure across the UK. Our factory today holds a range of designs from simple boundary mesh such as our Profiled WaveGUARD™ panel through to CPNI ‘Enhanced’ systems Combi™ and WeaveGUARD™.

So why do we still promote Palisade fencing? A product that has received negative press regarding aesthetics, design, and security levels. The simple answer is because we know that the palisade fencing manufactured by our staff at our factory, is a robust security barrier which is the best solution for many sites. The majority of Independent Security Consultants we speak with agree that Palisade fencing, if manufactured to the correct specification has a prominent place in the UK Security market.

As we are constantly reminded, other companies are selling rigid mesh panel system from as little as £12 per metre. We can let you in on a little secret… We sell it too! However, we always advise that these are not security fences, but purely boundary control or demarcation. We are talking about Security fencing today which is where Lochrin™ Palisade has a multitude of advantages over similar systems at similar price ranges, holding similar security levels.

“It’s far too easy to remove the pale bolts on the uprights of palisade fencing” is always the first point of contention when specifying a fence. Yes, this is possible on a generic front fix fence. By removing these bolts, unwanted guests can easily gain access. It was this very point that lead to the development of both our Classic™ and Combi™ Palisade designs. By using our patented ‘V’ slot design which allows the pales to pass through the rails rather than bolting to the front face, clients no longer need to worry. Lochrin Palisade has evolved.

Top: examples of low security front fix palisade and mesh systems allowing easy access to sites with simple hand tools.

Bottom: Lochrin Combi™ securing a site near Anfield stadium. The patented design ensures upright pales are tamper proof.

 “Palisade just isn’t pretty” we hear people say… Well at Lochrin Bain we think all fencing is pretty, which is probably the only time you’ll hear a biased comment from us about security fencing. OK, so against a multi-coloured panel system designed to stop a stream of escaping nursery children, we tend to agree. But have a think about where and what you are securing. Many clients want ‘the bad guys’ to look at security fence and think it looks tough, or that they should try next door. One of the reasons our Combi™ system was chosen to secure utility CNI sites was because it looked like it would deter attackers from a visual perspective.

For those areas where a positive image is required or local planning consent an issue, Powder coating options are available which help soften the look, while maintaining a secure perimeter. Modern Palisade design offers a stylish and sleek security option that many Architects are returning to. A recent example of this change in approach to security is the construction of several Porsche and Maserati dealerships across the South West, utilising Lochrin Classic™ Palisade to protect their prestigious vehicles. An endorsement from iconic brands that palisade design is as relevant now as ever!

Lochrin Classic™ Securing a Porsche dealership

Palisade installation times are intensive’ is another negative we come across. When we hear this our first question is what are you comparing it to? Palisade was designed as kit form for a good reason. It is easy to handle and store on sites, is preferential for manual handling by small teams with limited plant, and more importantly can rake easily over sloping ground levels, reducing labour times and costs on site dramatically. No more stepping posts required or cutting panels on site to suit slopes, no additional digging, or concrete at each change of level.

‘Palisade has high repair costs’… This is just not true! If a panel is damaged on site, Palisade components can be supplied and replaced easily. This is not the case for rigid systems, where full panels need to be supplied.

All of these arguments are genuinely considered when looking at future designs, and it seems to come back to the same thing… Choose your manufacturer over a generic product. As a Company who has developed, manufactured, sold, and shipped security fencing for longer than most, we are pretty sure that we can pick a hole (pardon the pun!) in most fence systems. However, the key is not to pick holes, but secure sites. Our team will always offer our clients the best solution that meets their needs, whether it be Palisade, Mesh or something new.