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Perimeter Systems Magazine Release July 2015

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LOCHRIN Bain has ‘done as its customers asked’ and established a ‘W’ section palisade production line.

The company has invested heavily in new plant and is producing some 2,500-metres a week.

‘It’s what our customers were demanding,’ said operations manager Gary MacGregor. ‘They wanted ‘W’ pale from us rather than other sources because of quality and service.’

The purpose-built rolling mill was delivered some 12 months ago, but installation and testing meant that the ‘W’ pale was not on stream until later in the year.

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‘Now we have full production and are already seeing the benefits,’ said MacGregor. ‘It complements our ‘D’ section Combi and means that we can offer a full product range. The feedback from the market was that our customers didn’t want to go elsewhere.’

Lochrin Bain’s reputation has been built on palisade fencing with the introduction of the patented rivetless Lochrin Classic in 1992 and then 12 years later the Combi with its embedded anti-vandal bolt, winning Home Office accreditation a year after launch.

‘Our ‘W’ section completes the line-up and with good stocks now we are able to respond to demand.’

A Lochrin Brain W Section Palisade fence.

Lochrin Bain has seen turnover increase by 40 percent on last year’s figures and Lochrin Bain is looking to consolidate in the next 12 months.

‘Yes we are seeing an upturn and being one of the UK’s top three palisade manufacturers means that we have the resources to meet that increase.’

Those resources came four years ago following the company’s takeover and subsequent management restructure when £100,000 was immediately made available for the company’s Cumbernauld factory near Glasgow, allowing for the purchase of machinery to handle the introduction of mesh systems, plus fabrication facilities.

‘We have become a more rounded company in the products that we have to offer to the market which is clearly an asset and ‘W’ section another signification addition to the line-up,’ he said.