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So you’ve been asked for NPSA Fencing… what next?

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A quick guide to NPSA security rated fencing.

2023 has been another interesting year for physical and personnel protective security in the UK with the introduction of the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) as the Government’s newest National Technical Authority on the subject. With expertise in counter terrorism and state threats, part of this new office includes absorbing the responsibilities for the Centre for the Protection of National Security (CPNI), with one main mission, “building resilience to national security threats.” This is achieved through training, guidance and working with the security industry and manufacturers such as Lochrin Bain to ensure organisations of all sizes and sectors “recognise, identify and mitigate security risks by implementing proportionate and practical protective security measures.” Part of M15, NPSA have a wider remit than CPNI alone, reflecting the fact that today’s threats extend beyond the country’s critical national infrastructure.

As the first manufacturer to work with the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) during their initial attack tests on security fencing back in the early 00’s, we have seen our fair share of acronyms come and go, and still have the occasional security consultant ask for a SEAP fence… For those newer to the industry that are not familiar with this terminology, the Security Equipment Assessment Panel (SEAP) preceded CPNI until it’s name change back in 2013… SEAP worked with a small handful of the UK’s top perimeter security manufacturers, and from an undisclosed location in southern England they went to work with the help of some friendly folk dressed in black, testing, attacking, climbing and cutting various products until they were satisfied that they had the right systems in place for their catalogue of security equipment (CSE) and that these products were durable and resilient enough to secure the country’s critical Infrastructure.

Fast forward 10 years, and here you are sitting at your desk looking at an enquiry for NPSA Fencing, and wondering what LinkedIn article or press release you recently read that mentioned this… Well, don’t panic, hopefully this short read will give you all the information required in one place.

Other than the name change from CPNI to NPSA, the main principles and physical products which are supplied to Base, Enhanced and High haven’t changed much other than periodic reviews to ensure every product still has the correct attributes to deter 21st century threats and the occasional revocation of products no longer fit for purpose. The exact specification of these products is still a closely guarded secret, although in recent years a new restricted version of the classified CSE has been opened to the general public and is available on NPSA’s website. Here you can see at a glance some of the products available, from woven mesh fencing, double skin welded mesh through to the most advanced Palisade systems on the market, NPSA has a range of systems available to suit every site.

For any further information regarding NPSA or High Security projects please get in touch with the team.