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The start of a new partnership……

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Lochrin Bain is a name synonymous in the security fencing industry, with a rich history of manufacturing in the UK dating back to 1859. With innovation entwined in the companies DNA, this foundation was the catalyst for the development of the original Palisade fence, designed, developed and manufactured by the business over 100 years ago. This pioneering spirit has culminated in the companies modern day flagship products the Combi™ and Defender™ securing critical sites nationwide. Today the team continue to evolve the business to meet the enhanced security requirements of the 21st century.

Plura Innovations, a new innovator with a proven pedigree in the design and manufacture of composite and plastics products for infrastructure. With Pultrusion, Compression moulding and Injection moulding at their core, the business offers a range of GRP products for Utility companies, Road and Rail operators, Network builders and designers alike in the construction and maintenance of their networks.

Two ambitious companies with an exciting future, focused on design and innovation while offering quality products manufactured in the UK.

With Plura offering GRP fencing solutions into similar markets as Lochrin Bain’s high security fencing systems it was no surprise that the two would eventually collaborate. As one of a handful of UK manufacturers of GRP fencing Plura had initially looked at the traditional Palisade fences used by both Steel and GRP manufacturers across the world. A simple design and a product that could have easily made a quick and easy profit. Not happy with the flaws in this dated design the management team took up the challenge of working on a solution that would put them at the forefront of the GRP fencing market. The problem they found with traditional Palisade was simple, the ease of which the front fixed verticals pales could be removed. This attack method creating pendulum entry can take as little as 10 seconds with basic hand tools and is one of the reasons many security professionals now consider standard Palisade as a general purpose demarcation fence rather than a security product. While looking for the fix to this age old problem Plura came across a system so simple yet affective, it’s design would shape future concepts. Combi™, the patented Palisade design manufactured by Lochrin Bain. With vertical pales passing through slots in the rails prior to fixing, would be attackers could no longer remove uprights gaining entry to sites. The solution: Polysade™: is a GRP fence which takes the security principles of its steel counterpart while utilising all the benefits of a traditional GRP product: Non-conductive, Non-corrosive, Lightweight and very long lasting.