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Lochrin’s 100 Years Throwback Thursday

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As we continue to delve through our company’s historic documents and place these on display here at Lochrin Works we have come across some really interesting finds. Today we finally get a chance to showcase a document that we are all very proud of. A book entitled Lochrin’s 100 years. The story of William Bain & Company Ltd published in 1959 by Glasgow author Jack House. From what we have found out about Mr House, he started his career in 1928 as a Journalist working for the Glasgow Evening Citizen, Evening News and the Evening Times. As an Author he published 54 books, possibly more, many of which were commissioned as was common practice in this era. Large companies including construction and Whisky distillers looked to showcase their success and history, almost the same way we use our websites, case study’s, and throwback Thursdays almost 60 years later. The book is a fascinating insight into a company which for so many generations played a part in the construction of not just security fencing, but large commercial projects, bridges, aircraft hangers and even the first electricity pylons for National Grid, a client to which we are still very much involved with to this day. From its heyday employing over 2000 people across the globe this document is a testament to the longevity, and entrepreneurialism which has allowed our security fencing division to remain at the forefront of securing our countries critical national infrastructure.