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Lochrin FlatGUARD™

Lochrin FlatGUARD fencing is ideal for use in applications where security is required but without creating an obtrusive and intimidating barrier.

It is designed to be a strong yet resilient fencing system, it is also capable of blending into its environment and enhancing the surroundings, it is this key feature which proves popular with architects and specifiers alike. With a heavier gauge of wire than the standard Lochrin FlatGUARD this system offers greater cutting resistance to vandals than its sister product.

Type Panel Height No. of Clamps Per Post
Lochrin FlatGUARD 1000 1030mm 5
Lochrin FlatGUARD 1200 1230mm 6
Lochrin FlatGUARD 1800 1830mm 7
Lochrin FlatGUARD 2000 2030mm 7
Lochrin FlatGUARD 2400 2430mm 8
Lochrin FlatGUARD 3000 3030mm 10

This product's standard finish is polyester powder coated green 6005. Hot Dip Galvanized only or alternative colours are available on request.

  • Non-intimidating perimeter security solution.
  • Strong yet resilient fencing system.
  • Good cutting resistance to vandals.
  • Suitable for use in most applications where a greater level security is required, such as inner compounds for utility sites, telecommunication compounds and railway infrastructure.
  • FlatGUARD Panels are constructed using a 6.0mm vertical wire and twin 8.0mm horizontal wires which result in a very strong mesh and stable fence.
  • FlatGUARD Lite Panels are also available, incorporating a 5.0mm vertical wire and twin 6.0mm horizontal wires.
  • The mesh aperture consists of 200mm x 50mm spacing, providing excellent see through visibility.
  • Panel widths suit post centres of approx. 2500mm.
  • FlatGUARD posts are manufactured from 60x60mm RHS steel. Threaded inserts are then fitted to take a specially designed security bracket, giving resistance to vandalism and attempts to force entry.
  • The welded mesh panels are located on the face of the post with clips fixed with ‘Lochrin anti-tamper’ bolts. These clips firmly clamp the end vertical wires, providing a secure fixing.