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Lochrin POLYsade™

Lochrin POLYsade™ was designed to revolutionise the GRP security fencing market.

Manufactured from Glass fibre RE-Enforced Polyester (GFRP) the product utilises Lochrin Bains patented Combi™ design allowing all vertical pales to ‘pass through’ the horizontal rails prior to being fixed in place by security fasteners. This provides superb resistance against leverage or removal; the weak point in all traditional palisade fences. The system is manufactured to comply with BS1722-12:2006.

  • Quick and easy installation with panels pre-built prior to delivery to site.
  • Non-corrosive material not affected by salts, water, oils, acids or alkaline offering a superior lifespan.
  • Non-conductive material meaning no earth or bonding is required creating a 'Touch-safe' product.
  • Factory assembled panels weighing as little as 40kgs.
  • Secure Pales that pass through the rails, offering an unmoveable pale.
  • Compatible with Electric Fencing, Perimeter Intruder Detection, and CCTV systems.
  • Supplied in kit form for ease of transportation and handling on site.
  • Pedestrian and Vehicle gates manufactured to SR3 specification.
  • Post: pre-slotted and capped BOXpost™ Dig in and Baseplated options available.
  • 2/3/4 no Rails; all CNC Machined to accept vertical pales prior to securing with tamper proof fixings.
  • Pales are available in two profile types, three top finishes and different bottom options depending on security level required.
  • 17 no pales to a standard 2.7 metre panel.
  • 2/3/4/ no Fishplate post and rail connectors.
  • 2 no intermediate supports for bottom rail.
  • Heights – from 1.1m and 3.6m.
  • Standard colour is Steel Grey. POLYsade™ is also available in white, black, holly green and blue.