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Lochrin 358™ SL1

Lochrin 358 SL1 was the first of our LPS1175 A1 (SR1) rated mesh fencing systems, designed to offer an aesthetically pleasing system whilst maintaining a certified security rating, with the aid of its anti-climb and anti-cut apertures. Tested to A1 by LPCB against LPS1175 standards and offering at least one minute delay to persistent attack using category A tools such as cable cutters, engineers hooks, glass cutters and pliers, the system is ideal for a range of applications where higher security demarcation is required.

The system is ‘Secured By Design’ and conforms to BS1722 Part 14 carrying full certification to LPS 1175 Security Rating A1 Issue: 8 as featured in the BRE Red Book. LPS 1175 is the requirements and testing procedures for LPCB approval. ‘LPS’ stands for ‘Loss Prevention Standard’ and LPS 1175 is one of many standards by the LPCB ‘Loss Prevention Certificate Board. The LPS 1175 standard focuses on physical security including security fencing, with ratings split into different security ratings, with test requirements of ascending intensity. These are measured in terms of attack tools and also time available to the attacker. Once tested and approved, security rated products are entered into the LPCB Redbook, which is a key reference for specifiers, regulators, designers and end users to select products according to the risks that they and their property face.


The Secured By Design accreditation logo.LPCB Logo - Lochrin 358 SL1The Made In Britain logo.



  • Full certification to LPS 1175 Security Rating A1 Issue:8
  • Full certification to Secured by Design – a Police preferred specification.
  • Manufactured to BS1722 Part 14
  • Aesthetically pleasing and discreet.
  • Anti-cut close apertures making climbing almost impossible.
  • Suitable for use in most applications where general perimeter security is required, such as Police facilities, Airports and Ports, Data Centres, Industrial and Commercial sites creating a high security physical barrier.
  • Heights from 1.8 metres to 3.0 metres.
  • A range of Pedestrian and Vehicle gates available to match fencing and LPS1175 certification.
  • Compatible with Electric Fencing and Perimeter Intruder Detection, CCTV to give maximum security.
  • Full specification drawings, Q40 tender documents and technical support available on request.
  • Post Section: 80mm x 40mm x 3mm SHS.
  • 40mm x 5mm clamp bar fixing system.
  • Bolt through M8 bolts with security shear cones.
  • Panels constructed from 4mm dia. Wire welded at every intersection.
  • 76.2mm x 12.7mm mesh apertures.
  • Heights – from 1.8m to 3.0m.
  • Galvanised with Powder Coated options available.