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Lochrin Defender™ SL3

Lochrin Defender SL3 is an innovative high security palisade fencing system designed and developed by Lochrin Bain.

After undergoing independent attack tests by BRE the patent-pending design entered into the RED BOOK successfully achieving LPS1175 SR3 rating. The unique construction has been designed to ensure a minimum delay time of at least five minutes, independently tested to defeat a range of attack methods including both hand tools and power tools.

This fencing system is ideal for protecting assets on sites including water utility sites, oil and gas compounds, data centre and other sites of critical national importance.

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About LPS 1175

LPS 1175 is the requirements and testing procedures for LPCB approval. ‘LPS’ stands for ‘Loss Prevention Standard’ and LPS 1175 is one of many standards by the LPCB ‘Loss Prevention Certificate Board.’

The LPS 1175 standard focuses on physical security including security fencing, with ratings split into 8 different security ratings (SR Levels) with test requirements of ascending intensity. These are measured in terms of attack tools and also time available to the attacker.

Once tested and approved, SR rated products are entered into the LPCB redbook, which is a key reference for specifiers, regulators, designers and end users to select products according to the risks that they and their property face.

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  • Quick and simple installation. Supplied in kit form for ease of transportation and handling on site.
  • No specialist tools or training required for installation.
  • Independently tested with a minimum delay time of at least five minutes.
  • No pale to rail fixings for maximum security.
  • Patent pending design allowing pales to pass through rails, with a unique design offering an unmovable pale.
  • Anti-climb and anti-cut system.
  • Compatible with Electric Fencing, Perimeter Intruder Detection, and CCTV systems.
  • Panels designed to rake 680mm over standard panel, unlike rigid mesh options.
  • Pedestrian and Vehicle gates manufactured to SR3 specification.
  • Designed with only 10 security fixings per panel to reduce attack points while improving installation times.
  • Security Rating: LPS 1175 SR3 Rated and Secured By Design.
  • Heights: 2.4m high and 3.0m high.
  • Raking: 680mm with 26 pales to a standard bay of 2.75 metre panel.
  • Post Section: 1 No.127mm x 76mm UB Dig in and Baseplated options available.
  • Horizontal Support: 3 No. RSA Rails 50mm x 50mm x 6mm with vee slot design and anti-cut bars.
  • Pales: 26 No. Lochrin ‘D’ section 4mm thick single point tops.
  • Rail connection: 3 No. Fishplates 160mm x 40mm x 10mm.
  • Support bars: 2 No. 700mm x 40mm x 10mm with welded 50mm x 50mm x 8mm baseplate.
  • Fixings: 10 No. M12x30 Cup square bolts and M12 Security Shear nuts.
  • Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 standard finish. Powder Coating to various RAL colours available.